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*Weird *Women’s Weekend Retreat

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*Weird *Women’s Weekend Retreat (*self-identified) with Tina Bystrom, NBCR, LMT and Marilyn Liepelt, MSW

Friday September 20 at 10:30 am to Sunday September 22 at 4:30 pm
Autumnal Equinox Weekend

Have you ever…
¨ Felt there is a higher purpose, or more to this life than meets the eye?¨ Sensed/felt/seen/smelled/heard or known non-physical presences?
¨ Remembered or dreamed of a past life or (lives or the life of an ancestor)?
¨ Known how others are feeling or what they’re thinking without asking?
¨ Felt physically “stuck” in your tissue or separate from your own body?

¨ Focus on Physical Connections through guided solo and partnered bodywork and movement
¨ Explore your Emotional Intelligence with compassion and empathy toward self and others
¨ Engage your Subtle Awareness as we spend some time in the Land of Possibilities
¨ Integrate each of these aspects/tools to Deepen your Connectedness to Self, Others, Nature, and the Universe with Curiosity, Mindfulness, Movement, and Play

¨ Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of quiet, natural beauty; take a few deep breaths and slow down to greet the tempo of your surroundings
¨ Meet a remarkable group of women, and together explore different and inspiring ways to use the tools you already have, and to cultivate new ones to...
¨ Form meaningful connections with your self, your body, and the people and energies around you, including spirit, nature, and the subtle realms
¨ Dive deep into non-linear perspectives and new ways of interacting with the wholeness of life and universal oneness
¨ With a spirit of curiosity—sometimes probing, sometimes playful—work with the body as its own physical and energetic ecology, with its developed and undeveloped potential for direct connection with both the physical and the subtle
¨ Engage your focus, imagination, and all of your senses to reveal and support a more proactive awareness of your “we”-ness in a “me/they” world
¨ Enjoy delicious, nourishing, fresh, organic meals made with love
¨ Sessions will be held indoors and out
¨ If this resonates with you, you are likely a weird woman
¨ We welcome you to join us for this special weekend

Tina Bystrom, NBCR, LMT, has been a fulltime reflexologist (and closeted energyworker) since 2005 and an out and proud intuitive bodyworker since 2016. Born with “the touch”, but not knowing what the heck to do with it, Tina became a life-long (grateful) recipient of myriad energy- and bodywork, leading to profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, as well as a devotion to the power of touch and movement. Along the way, Tina has come to trust and cultivate her subtle senses and healing gifts, and is ignited to share with others what she has learned. It is her joy to offer her second retreat at the delightful Mosswood Hollow over the Autumnal Equinox weekend.  Reflexology RF-60394127  Massage MA-60696519

For over twenty years, Marilyn Liepelt, MSW, has helped facilitate change in those who have abused others, while serving those who have survived abuse. Her passion for assisting folks in making their desired changes comes organically, as does her penchant and priority for her own personal growth. Marilyn is pleased to assist Tina for her second retreat, and to support other “Weird Women" in their desired, personal Equinox adventure. 

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