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with Stacie Beam-Bruce, LICSW, ACHt & Stacy Worley, CAS, RYT-500

Join us in identifying and learning to operate from your own unique constellation of strengths to continue to journey beyond the common blocks, barriers and obstacles we face in this human experience. Through the framework of Archetypes we will delve deeper into how our universal shame, shadow and codependency keeps us stuck in our old patterns and thus dims our strengths that are essential for us to realize and step into our highest potential.

I M M E R S I O N H I G H L I G H T S -Ayurveda -Breathwork -Psychodrama -Group Processes-
Gentle Yoga -Yoga Nidra -Meditation -Chanting

SCHEDULE: 6pm October 23rd - 12pm October 27th, 2019

*With a $100 deposit by September 1st
E A R L Y B I R D R A T E : $ 5 7 5 * R E G U L A R R A T E : $ 6 5 0

Questions & Registration: alivetherapies2018@gmail.com or 601.807.8100.
Learn More: www.alive-therapies.com.

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to Nov 10

At the crossroads with the Wyrd Sisters

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At the crossroads with the Wyrd Sisters

Maybe this isn’t the darkest timeline. Yet we stand at a crossroads.
No matter what happens, there is resistance in hope. If we stand in our power, we may do better than if we listen to despair. And we have help.

Big help.

In this seventh Wyrd Sisters event, with your input, we offer an initiatory journey to confront shadow and return with wisdom for these times.

Friday, November 8, to Sunday, November 10, 2019

For info. and to register http://wyrd-sisters.org/registration/

Of note: We may change format after 2019. If you’ve always wanted to go to a Wyrd Sisters retreat and haven’t, this may be the time.

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to Nov 17

Beginner’s Mind – A Cell-Level Healing Retreat with Joyce Hawkes and Helen Folsom

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What does it mean to heal or be healed? How do we approach health? Where do we find the wholeness we long for?

Explore these questions and more in this experiential retreat with Healing Facilitators Joyce Hawkes, PhD and Helen Folsom, MA, CHT – the Scientist and the Singer. Through music, meditation, hands-on instruction, and laughter, with plenty of good food, and the support of 40 acres of pristine woodland and meadow find yourself on the pathway of renewal and restoration of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

This program is designed for all of us to begin anew and is offered without prerequisites for up to 20 participants from any and all walks of life. Whether you are a newbie or a practiced hand with energy you are welcome to join us.

These retreats fill quickly! If you feel ‘called’ please register soon. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will hold your place, the balance of $200 will be payable by October 14th. Food and Accommodations are separate and payable to our hosts at Mosswood Hollow.

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to Dec 6


The Masterclass is an invitation-only advanced program for dream ambassadors who have completed all three levels of Robert’s training for teachers of Active Dreaming. We will journey beyond all of our previous maps in an extraordinary five-day adventure in the company of dream teachers from all over the world. 

If approved for the course, register HERE

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to Dec 8


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Shamanic Dreaming to Explore Past and Future Lives and Create Better Futures

In dreams, we are time travelers. Released from Newtonian physics and our consensual hallucinations, the dream self travels into past time, future time, and alternate realities. Asactive dreamers using the skills of shamanic journeying, we can travel consciously across time to scout the future for ourselves and others, and grow a better future.

In this high-energy adventure, we’ll help each other to grow our life dreams and to become full citizens of the multidimensional universe. We’ll claim the power that comes from acting in the knowledge that the only time is Now, and that all pasts and futures are accessible in this moment and may be revised for the better.

You’ll gain direct knowledge of how past-life experiences affect your current life experience and relationships; beyond this, you’ll learn how to communicate mentally with personalities in other times for mutual benefit. You’ll discover how to receive counsel from an older and wiser self, and how you can play mentor and protector for a younger self who may desperately need help in his or her own time.

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to Oct 6



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The ancestors are calling, calling. We are talking about ancestors in three senses: the ancestors of your bloodlines, and of the lands where you live or travel, and of your soul family across time and place.

In this soul-centered workshop, we’ll explore loving and effective ways to heal our relations with the departed through the powerful techniques of Active Dreaming, Robert’s original synthesis of shamanism and dreamwork.

We have natural communication with the departed in our dreams, and for many dreamers this is direct and life-changing evidence of the reality of the soul and its survival of physical death The departed appear in our dreams either because they have not really left, or because they come visiting, or because in dreaming we enter their realms. These encounters offer us important opportunities for healing, closure and giving or receiving forgiveness and guidance.

Our departed may come as “family angels”, with life-supporting counsel and information. Or they may need help and guidance from us – because they have unfinished business, or are lost or confused or crippled by guilt or unable to detach from old environments and addictions. In such cases, as Yeats observed, the living may be able to “assist the imaginations of the dead.”

We will seek timely and helpful communication with the departed. We will share personal experiences and needs and develop the skills and spiritual resources to serve as guides and healers for survivors, and for the departed themselves.

We will develop personal rituals to honor our ancestors. We’ll learn that healing and forgiveness are always available, across the apparent barrier of death. We’ll learn methods of spiritual release to free ourselves, and our departed, from ancestral karma and unhappy family histories. We will connect with spiritual guides and build the deep circle energy that makes the extraordinary easy.

Our work and play goes further. We will learn the practice of dream archaeology. This is an emerging discipline, pioneered by Robert, that enables us to access the living past, to enter into direct communication with the keepers of ancestral wisdom and heal the collective and cultural soul loss that is a feature of our age. The practice of dream archaeology involves reclaiming authentic knowledge of ancestral traditions, including those that may have been buried or suppressed in the course of history, through a combination of careful research and shamanic journeying across time and between dimensions. The dream archaeologist combines the skills of the shaman, the scholar and the detective.

Marija Gimbutas declared with urgent clarity in The Civilization of the Goddess:  “We must refocus our collective memory. The necessity of this has never been greater as we discover that the path of ‘progress’ is extinguishing the very conditions for life on earth.” Dream archaeology provides powerful tools for refocusing collective memory, exactly as the great scholar of the Goddess proposed. Dreams guide us to the necessary past, to the history we need to know and use.

We let dreams set us assignments. Secrets of the past, of which the waking mind may know nothing or very little, come to us in dreams because we are ready for them, and because the ancestors speak to us. As dream archaeologists, we work with such dreams through focused investigation, tracking that strange word, looking again at the fragments of that figurine. We carry our exploration into the dream space, by learning to go back inside a dream, wide awake and conscious, as an archaeological team may penetrate to previously hidden levels of a site, or the inner caves where the great revelations are to be found. Dream reentry, a core technique of  Active Dreaming, is practiced wide awake and conscious, and may be a joint venture by a whole group of active dreamers. We use shamanic drumming to fuel and focus our expeditions, using a dream image as a doorway to harvest more information, open direct dialogue with the ancestors, and go to the deeper levels of reality where the meaning of things can be found.

We are open to the phenomenon that Yeats, with poetic insight, called the “mingling of minds”. This means that when we give our best efforts and passion to our chosen work or study, we draw the support of intelligences beyond the everyday world, including those of past masters in the same field.

We’ll learn to reach across time to heal ancestral wounds, discharge karmic burdens, and reclaim ancient rituals. We’ll requicken ways of seeing and healing that were shared by the wise ancestors, who knew  that dreams show us what the soul wants, and open roads for the soul to come home, on both sides of physical death. We’ll practice the core techniques in the shaman’s way of dreaming, including the art of dream travel, timefolding, shapeshifting, reading the sign language of the world and creating and healing from the dreamspace. We’ll generate the wonderful circle energy that makes the extraordinary easy.

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to Sep 29

Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy: A Healing Five Element Retreat

What is Spiritual Alchemy?
It is the transformation that occurs when we move away from habitual responses and open our hearts to the moment. It is recognizing self as light/love and becoming conscious of our deepest desires and values.
Join cofounders Roxane Geller EAMP & Victoria Summerquist EAMP for an immersive healing retreat and experience the transformative power of the 5 elements. You will learn how the 5 elements influence emotional patterns, subconscious motivations and interpersonal relationships. You will discover your own elemental patterns and learn ways to restore balance and ignite change. From the moment you arrive, you will be nurtured by the natural setting, delicious organic food and thoughtfully appointed accommodations. There will be time for one on one meetings with your guides Roxane and Vickie to make the most of your experience.

Details: Friday 9/27- 12PM-4PM arrival-Sunday 9/29 1PM

Bastyr and SIOM students receive $100 discount.

$675-975 depending on accommodations. Register on Fullslate.

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to Sep 22

*Weird *Women’s Weekend Retreat

If you have registered with Insight Healing Arts for this workshop, sign up for accommodations and meals HERE

*Weird *Women’s Weekend Retreat (*self-identified) with Tina Bystrom, NBCR, LMT and Marilyn Liepelt, MSW

Friday September 20 at 10:30 am to Sunday September 22 at 4:30 pm
Autumnal Equinox Weekend

Have you ever…
¨ Felt there is a higher purpose, or more to this life than meets the eye?¨ Sensed/felt/seen/smelled/heard or known non-physical presences?
¨ Remembered or dreamed of a past life or (lives or the life of an ancestor)?
¨ Known how others are feeling or what they’re thinking without asking?
¨ Felt physically “stuck” in your tissue or separate from your own body?

¨ Focus on Physical Connections through guided solo and partnered bodywork and movement
¨ Explore your Emotional Intelligence with compassion and empathy toward self and others
¨ Engage your Subtle Awareness as we spend some time in the Land of Possibilities
¨ Integrate each of these aspects/tools to Deepen your Connectedness to Self, Others, Nature, and the Universe with Curiosity, Mindfulness, Movement, and Play

¨ Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of quiet, natural beauty; take a few deep breaths and slow down to greet the tempo of your surroundings
¨ Meet a remarkable group of women, and together explore different and inspiring ways to use the tools you already have, and to cultivate new ones to...
¨ Form meaningful connections with your self, your body, and the people and energies around you, including spirit, nature, and the subtle realms
¨ Dive deep into non-linear perspectives and new ways of interacting with the wholeness of life and universal oneness
¨ With a spirit of curiosity—sometimes probing, sometimes playful—work with the body as its own physical and energetic ecology, with its developed and undeveloped potential for direct connection with both the physical and the subtle
¨ Engage your focus, imagination, and all of your senses to reveal and support a more proactive awareness of your “we”-ness in a “me/they” world
¨ Enjoy delicious, nourishing, fresh, organic meals made with love
¨ Sessions will be held indoors and out
¨ If this resonates with you, you are likely a weird woman
¨ We welcome you to join us for this special weekend

Tina Bystrom, NBCR, LMT, has been a fulltime reflexologist (and closeted energyworker) since 2005 and an out and proud intuitive bodyworker since 2016. Born with “the touch”, but not knowing what the heck to do with it, Tina became a life-long (grateful) recipient of myriad energy- and bodywork, leading to profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, as well as a devotion to the power of touch and movement. Along the way, Tina has come to trust and cultivate her subtle senses and healing gifts, and is ignited to share with others what she has learned. It is her joy to offer her second retreat at the delightful Mosswood Hollow over the Autumnal Equinox weekend.  Reflexology RF-60394127  Massage MA-60696519

For over twenty years, Marilyn Liepelt, MSW, has helped facilitate change in those who have abused others, while serving those who have survived abuse. Her passion for assisting folks in making their desired changes comes organically, as does her penchant and priority for her own personal growth. Marilyn is pleased to assist Tina for her second retreat, and to support other “Weird Women" in their desired, personal Equinox adventure. 

 For further information and registration, please email
tina@insighthealingarts.com or visit www.facebook.com/InsightHealingArts

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to Sep 14

Dancing in the Dark

If you plan to attend this workshop, even if you have already told us, please register for rooms and meals. Click  HERE

Dancing in the Dark: Exploring Issues related to Death and Dying through Music, Discussion and Prayer is a workshop in which we will address issues related to death and dying and provide participants with the opportunity to share and explore their thoughts and concerns.   Very practical information about the physical aspects and the psychosocial and spiritual needs of the dying will be presented with ample room for questions and dialogue. In addition, through music, guided imagery, discussion and prayer we will also explore our own views, feelings and concerns about death. This will be both a spiritual and an emotional exploration.

The valuable role of music in working with the dying will also be addressed. Music can be especially meaningful at this time because grief is comprised of love and loss, and in music we can experience beauty and sadness simultaneously.   Music can also express our thoughts and feelings when we are either at a loss for words or simply not ready to broach a difficult subject. There can also be a strong spiritual component to music which can be particularly meaningful and powerful at the end of life.

While we do not know exactly what happens when someone dies, many of us feel that this involves a transition from the physical realm to the fully spiritual realm. Our faith and spirituality greatly affect how we approach death. The writings and teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg are especially meaningful in this regard because they directly address the spiritual realm. While respectful and open to participants of all beliefs, this program will include dialogue around Swedenborg’s teachings and their relevance to our perspective when working with the dying or approaching death ourselves.

For more information, reservations or to RSVP,

Contact Rev. Paul Martin at 425-844-9050, email paul@mosswoodhollow.org
Highlights of the Weekend*:
Friday 7:00 p.m. Presentation and Discussion:  
Introductory Session to the topic of Death and Dying. Will include a guided meditation with music and creative means for processing the experience, as well as discussion.
Saturday Morning Workshop:  
Exploration of the dying process, with a focus on the physical, psycho-social and spiritual dimensions. Will include both presentation and discussion.

Saturday Afternoon Session:
Deeper exploration of our thoughts and concerns about death with a focus on spirituality and music. This will include both open-ended discussion about spiritual ideas and experiences around death, including the enlightening teachings of 18th century mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, as well as how music can be used at different stages to accompany us along the path.

Sunday Morning Worship:  
Celebrating the significance of travelling together and the gift of presence.
Rev. Jenny Caughman, Rev. Paul Martin, Licensed Pastor Helen Barler

 *$45 Workshop Fee includes Saturday night dinner catered by Mosswood Hollow – other meals will be potluck, please let us know what you will be bringing.

Throughout the weekend, there will be ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation in nature.  Mosswood Hollow is surrounded by trees, flowers, and wildlife which can be enjoyed on easy trails or just from the porch. Bring your binoculars for birding!


Rev. Jenny Caughman
Jenny Martin Caughman is a pastor, musician and mother and brings all of these roles into her work and interaction with others. Jenny was raised in the Swedenborgian Church, her parents both being multi-generation Swedenborgians. Her father was a Swedenborgian minister and served as President of Convention for 7 years. Jenny received her first Masters degree in Music Therapy and then practiced music therapy in a hospital for terminally ill cancer patients for five years.

When she and her husband John moved to Tennessee for his work her life moved in a different direction. She worked for five years as a counselor and advocate for victims of sexual assault and abuse and then focused on her family, having three children, Neall, Alex and Abby. In 2008 she began seminary at the Earlham School of Religion. She graduated with a Masters in Divinity and was ordained into the Ministry of the Swedenborgian Church in the United States and Canada (General Convention) in 2012.

Since that time she has served as the Pastor of Spiritual Care at a United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge, TN where she lives with her husband John. She serves Convention as Chair of the Board of the Center for Swedenborgian Studies and also serves on the General Council. She is committed to service, prayer, working with people to develop their relationship with the Divine, and writing. Her hobbies include reading, music, needlework, yoga, walking in nature and enjoying water, family and good friends.

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to Sep 6


For prices and registration, click - HERE

This gathering with anthropologist Hank Wesselman will be of value to those visionaries familiar with the shamanic journeywork method and in touch with their helping spirits and their spirit teachers. The workshop goals will include bringing our three souls into right relationship, exploring the spiritual nature of your foundation and your boundary, investigating your birthrights, your birth responsibilities, and the ancestral grand plan, shapeshifting and merging, the experiencing of time travel, and discovering more about your inner chief. There will be a shamanic healing ceremony toward week’s end. 

Bring hand drums, rattles, an eye shade and notebook. And a power object for the central altar. 

Hank Wesselman PhD., is the author of nine books on shamanism including The Re-EnchantmentThe Bowl of LightAwakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman) and the Spiritwalker trilogy

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to Sep 1

Spiritwalker: An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying with Hank Wesselman, PhD

This workshop has been cancelled. Let us know if you would be interested in attending in 2020.

An introductory weekend experiential workshop in which the classic method of shamanic journeywork is taught. Utilizing the way of the shaman, we connect with the inner levels of reality, awareness and experience to find our spirit helpers and teachers, those inner sources who are intimately connected with our life purpose, and who provide us with power, protection, knowledge and support. The weekend includes work with empowerment of self and others and will conclude with a healing ritual.

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to Jul 19

Dream Teacher Training Level 2 with Robert Moss


By invitation only. Please contact Robert directly
Email: mossdreams@gmail.com

Prior completion of depth (2-day or longer) workshops and/or online courses with Robert, or preparation with an authorized teacher of Active Dreaming.

$895 if paid in full by June 1; $995 thereafter. A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to confirm your place.

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to Jul 12

Dream Teacher Training Level 1 with Robert Moss


By invitation only. Please contact Robert directly
Email: mossdreams@gmail.com

Prior completion of depth (2-day or longer) workshops and/or online courses with Robert, or preparation with an authorized teacher of Active Dreaming.

$895 if paid in full by June 1; $995 thereafter. A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to confirm your place.

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to Jun 30

Release Shame & Shine

If you are already registered for this workshop, sign up for accommodations and meals by clicking HERE

Release Shame & Shine An Experiential Journey Through the Self with Stacie Beam-Bruce, LICSW, ACHt & Stacy Worley, CAS RYT-500

Who do you aspire to be? How do you want to express yourself in the world? And most importantly, what stops you?

In this 3-Day Immersion, we will explore the root of what holds you back. Drawing from several healing modalities, we will work to clear unwanted emotions, beliefs, and energy patterns. This will begin to create the space we need to receive the energy and intention we want to bring into our everyday lives. Join us on this journey as we release what’s blocking us and learn to shine from our true essence.

Info and Registration: info@alive-therapies.com.  or 601.807.8100.

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to Jun 2

Master Healer with Tiffany Carole


Master Healer

Healer * Teacher * Leader

Master Healer is a year long, co-creative program designed to deepen knowledge, discover hidden treasures, and carve out space within you for the Medicine Woman/Man to emerge in full power.
Throughout the process, you'll grow in leaps and bounds as a human being, healer, and leader.  

For workshop registration and information, go here: http://www.tiffanycarole.com/master-healer.html

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to May 24

Writing as a State of Conscious Dreaming with Robert Moss


This may be the most unusual, and wildly creative, writing retreat on the planet. Where else can you hope that a group of lively spirits will play-act the next chapters of your unfinished novel, or be enabled to journey to a Secret Library where you can read and bring back pages you have not yet written in the ordinary world, and confer with a master teacher?

In a writing life, the great moments are when you are dreaming on paper (or on a keyboard). Words stream almost effortlessly from springs that are not accessible in lesser states of consciousness. Clock time no longer rules. In an expansive now-time, more is possible in minutes than might otherwise come in days. Improbable connections are made and prove to be exactly right.

This is a state of conscious dreaming. You straddle the worlds. You are the shaper, not merely the amanuensis, for the images bubbling up from those fresh springs.

If you’ve ever been there, you long to be there again. It’s what athletes call the Zone. It’s that sweet place where time moves as fast or slow as you want, and creative connections are made effortlessly. It’s the state of relaxed attention in which the muse or the creative daimon draws close and whispers in your ear. It’s the borderland beyond the tame fields and picket fences of the mind, where it’s easy for the Big story hunting you to find you.

This adventure in creative imagination will help you find fresh and delightful ways to tap into your creative source, and tell the stories that want to be told through you. We’ll learn how to use powerful and original techniques of Active Dreaming to go beyond blocks and move seamlessly into creative flow. We’ll turn dreams and life memories into stories, poems and scripts.

Our practice will include timed writing exercises, story-swapping, play-acting, shamanic excursions to a Secret Library and other wonderful games to release our inner writer and creator. We’ll all be nourished and nurtured as we grow a supportive circle of creative friends.

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to May 19

Healing and Wholeness through Active Dreaming

This workshop has been cancelled. Please check our schedule for other workshops with Robert Moss.

Register for this workshop and sign up for accommodations and meals by clicking: HERE

Healing and Wholeness through Active Dreaming with Robert Moss

TUITION: $325 if paid in full by April 20, $375 thereafter.

Our dreams show us what is going on inside our bodies and what we need to stay well. When we do become ill, our dreams give us fresh and powerful imagery for self-healing. By working with personal imagery – and changing the images in positive ways – we can actually create a new blueprint for the body.

When we learn to go back inside our dreams and dream them onward, we open paths of healing for others and ourselves. Active dreaming is central to soul recovery – reclaiming vital energy we lost through pain or heartbreak, guilt or addiction – and to healing our relations with the ancestors.

You’ll learn:

  • How to work with your dream doctor, including the “animal doctors” that shamans consult

  • How to share dreams and images in a fast, fun way that produces helpful feedback and guidance for action

  • How to use a remembered dream as the portal for a lucid dream journey

  • How to harvest imagery for self- healing from your dreams and life memories

  • How to go to a personal House of Healing in the Imaginal Realm where help is always available

  • How any image that belongs to you, even the most terrifying, can offer a doorway to healing and wholeness if you are willing to work with it.

  • How to get in touch with your bigger story and your life purpose

We’ll learn to grow healing stories, and how to bring a dream to someone who needs a dream. We’ll grow the sacred space and compassionate circle energy that make the extraordinary easy. We’ll honor our healing journeys through spontaneous ritual, art, storytelling and performance and play wonderful games

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to May 10

Visionseeker 4 - Deity Mysticism and the Mythic Nature of the Self with Hank Wesselman, PhD.

For prices and registration, click - HERE

Our myths are our stories that inform and shape our world-view and our cultural ideals. Such stories are often fictitious, yet within each of them is an eternal truth that explains aspects of the natural world as well as the customs of our society and of ourselves.

We embodied humans are mythic creatures and we cannot function separated from our myths. We literally ARE our myths… and our myths are our sacred ground. Carolyn Myss has said “myths are the batteries of our belief systems, and if our myths are challenged or are discredited, then our world comes crashing down around us … if we are not awake.”

We are now living in a time of unparalleled change in which we can sense a dismantling of our most familiar myths—the myths of our religions, of our nation, as well as the myths of ourselves in relation to the future of our planet. These are the stories that have held the social fabric of our society together for hundreds, even thousands of years.

So how can we as awakened mystics be of service?  In this five day workshop with anthropologist Hank Wesselman, we will utilize the shamanic path of direct revelation to receive and bridge the incoming cultural mythos into being, the new stories that reflect our changing social values, attitudes, and perceptions of our self as we proceed toward the future. In this way, we may be of service to our society as well as to The Mystery that breathes life and wonder into our world.

This workshop will utilize the shamanic journeywork method of meditation, yet all who join us will be welcome. If you have them, bring a hand drum, a rattle, power objects (for the altar), a notebook, perhaps an eyeshade, and a light blanket.

Suggested reading: Hank Wesselman—The Re-Enchantment; Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman); The Bowl of Light; and the Spiritwalker Trilogy.

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to Mar 31

From Surviving to Thriving

If you are already registered for this workshop, sign up for accommodations and meals by clicking HERE

A 3-day immersion with Stacie Beam-Bruce, LICSW, ACHt & Stacy Worley, CAS, RYT-500

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of helplessness, resentment, or putting others' needs before your own?
The survival strategies that helped us get through past difficulties can eventually trap us and hold us back. Join us for 3 days of deep transformative modalities that empower you to release old stories and reclaim your potential to thrive, succeed, and flourish.

Questions & Registration: alivetherapies2018@gmail.com or 601.807.8100.
Learn More: www.alive-therapies.com

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to Dec 9

Way of the Kairomancer with Robert Moss

Register for the workshop, lodging, and meals:    here

TUITION: $325 if paid in full by November 9, $375 thereafter. (plus lodging and meals)

Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in the Dream of Everyday Life

The physicist and the shaman agree: we live in a conscious universe where everything is alive and connected, and mind and matter interweave. To live most fully in this universe, we must navigate by synchronicity, poised to recognize and act in Kairos moments when the universe gets personal. 

A kairomancer is ready seize on the revelation or opportunity in these special moments. In this fun, high-octane adventure, you’ll learn

·         Why you want to view dreams more literally and waking life more symbolically

·         How to become a “strange attractor” for happy events and encounters

·         How any setback can offer an opportunity:

·         How to put your question to the world and receive guidance on a life theme

·         How the passions of the soul work magic

We'll grow the poetic consciousness that allows us to recognize how life rhymes and hear the many voices of the Speaking Land. This is a path of natural magic that takes us beyond self-limiting beliefs into a life of wild freedom and possibility. 

We’ll find we are living on a mythic edge. We’ll dance with the Trickster, play wonderful new games, and leave with resources for conscious living that will put a champagne fizz of magic into everyday life.

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to Dec 2

Inward '18: Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Retreat

Inward '18: Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Retreat

Spend three days with an intimate group of heart-centered entrepreneurs as you go inward to create your 2019 vision. You’ll be immersed in nature, with plenty of self-care time, and a chance to create a powerful new year with the love and support of business experts and a beautiful community. For registration or more information, contact noe@worththejourney.com

If you are registered for this workshop, sign up for accommodations and meals by clicking HERE

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