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Dream Teacher Training Level 2 with Robert Moss

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In this program, our work deepens and we develop many further applications, preparing ourselves to bring the gifts of Active Dreaming into many different environments. As we grow that wonderful circle energy and deepen our connections within our dream family, we’ll test-fly new techniques and develop our practice as dream leaders, trackers and teachers of the core processes of Active Dreaming.

Techniques we will learn to teach, as well as practice, include: 
--shamanic tracking
--imaginal healing
--creating from dreams
--navigating by synchronicity
--the art of dream theatre
--vision transfer for empowerment
--and healing growing community vision

We will study of the History of Dreaming – not only the cross-cultural study of different approaches to dream exploration, but the actual experience of dream travel and dream healing in different ages and civilizations.

In the Level Two training, we will also study the Basics of Psychic Protection. We will deepen our understanding of the workings of the energy bodies, the nature of multidimensional reality, and the possibilities of dream travel. We will develop new ways to grow dream communities in our neighborhoods and bring Active Dreaming techniques into many new environments where they are urgently needed. We’ll help each other to find practical applications of our training to other practices and to our professional and personal situations.

Student teachers will receive a new (Level Two) Manual of Practice and a certificate of completion.

Some of our graduates go on to teach Active Dreaming classes and workshops. Many marry the Active Dreaming techniques to an existing practice or community environment. Our graduates come from diverse backgrounds and include artists, entrepreneurs, producers and publicists as well as therapists, physicians, schoolteachers and social workers. What they share is a passion for dreaming and a passionate commitment to helping others to open to the gifts of healing, creativity, self-understanding and a larger life that become available through active dreaming.  

By invitation only. Please contact Robert directly

Prior completion of the Level One Dream Teacher Training

TUITION: $895 if paid in full by May 31; $995 thereafter. A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to confirm your place.