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Way of the Kairomancer with Robert Moss

Register for the workshop, lodging, and meals:    here

TUITION: $325 if paid in full by November 9, $375 thereafter. (plus lodging and meals)

Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in the Dream of Everyday Life

The physicist and the shaman agree: we live in a conscious universe where everything is alive and connected, and mind and matter interweave. To live most fully in this universe, we must navigate by synchronicity, poised to recognize and act in Kairos moments when the universe gets personal. 

A kairomancer is ready seize on the revelation or opportunity in these special moments. In this fun, high-octane adventure, you’ll learn

·         Why you want to view dreams more literally and waking life more symbolically

·         How to become a “strange attractor” for happy events and encounters

·         How any setback can offer an opportunity:

·         How to put your question to the world and receive guidance on a life theme

·         How the passions of the soul work magic

We'll grow the poetic consciousness that allows us to recognize how life rhymes and hear the many voices of the Speaking Land. This is a path of natural magic that takes us beyond self-limiting beliefs into a life of wild freedom and possibility. 

We’ll find we are living on a mythic edge. We’ll dance with the Trickster, play wonderful new games, and leave with resources for conscious living that will put a champagne fizz of magic into everyday life.