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The ancient Egyptians understood that in dreams, our eyes are opened. Their word for dream, rswt, also means “awakening.” It was written with a symbol representing an open eye.

The Egyptians believed that the gods interact with us in dreams. They developed an advanced practice of conscious dream travel. Trained dreamers operated as seers, remote viewers and telepaths.

Through conscious dream travel, ancient Egypt’s “frequent flyers” explored the roads of the afterlife and the multidimensional universe. It was understood that true initiation and transformation takes place in a deeper reality accessible through the dream journey beyond the body. The dream journey could even take the traveler to the stars.

Dreamers as Star Travelers:

The dream guides of ancient Egypt knew that the dream journey may take the traveler to the stars — specifically to Sothis or Sirius, the “moist land” believed by Egyptian initiates to be the source of higher consciousness, the destination of advanced souls after death and the home of higher beings who take a close interest in Earth matters.

In the age of Cleopatra, dream schools flourished in the temples of Serapis, a god who melds the qualities of Osiris and Apis, the divine bull. Priests who specialized in dreaming were called the Learned Ones of the Magic Library. What marvelous promise is in that phrase! What profound recognition of the magic and wisdom that is available to us through dreaming!

– From The Secret History of Dreaming by Robert Moss
In this deep journey into an ancient tradition, you’ll:
Enter the dream temple of Anubis, the library of Thoth and the cave of Sekhmet.
Recognize and work with multiple energy bodies and soul vehicles.
Gain access into the Hall of the Gods and find your spiritual allies.
Enter the phoenix fire and practice rebirthing under the wings of Isis.

$325 if paid in full by August 15; $375 thereafter.  Includes gourmet lunches both days.