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Medicine of Belonging with Susan Pullen and Dr. Greg Yasuda

We are inextricably connected to our environment and what ails us ails the world. Our personal and collective healing is interdependent. Many of us struggle to feel connected and at home with each other.  At the same time, the social climate has in some ways become less welcoming. 

Never before have there been so many people in this world and never before have so many of us felt isolated and alone. Yet we are social creatures who thrive on connection and community in order to be optimally healthy and happy.

 This retreat will explore how we can create a place of belonging for ourselves and each other where we feel seen, heard, and valued.  By weaving together deep conversation, poetry, myth and ritual, this retreat will explore how we can create a place of belonging for ourselves and each other. From this place, the essence of who we are can be perceived by others and mirrored back to us, we can be authentically ourselves and be received, we can see that we are not alone in our struggles. 

 This type of healing can only happen within a community, and this is a powerful medicine – the Medicine of Belonging.

Dr. Greg Yasuda and Susan Pullen are committed to creating communities for healing and self-discovery. Dr. Greg is a naturopathic physician and teacher. Susan is a life coach, energy healer and shamanic practitioner.

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