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Learning from the Dream Shaman of Switzerland

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Jung labored to bring together the best of Western science and scholarship with ancient ways of soul travel and soul remembering. Throughout his life, he was guided by dreams and synchronicity, and in this class, we will learn from his practice rather than his theories.

We’ll journey, like Jung, through the many-tiered House of the Soul. We’ll walk with the Sacred Guide, as Jung walked with his Philemon. We’ll meet the Shadow. We’ll discover that dreams unlock the limitless field of nonlocal mind he called the collective unconscious.

We’ll develop field perception, as Jung practiced that as he watched the movements of wind and water, of a fox or a beetle, as he counseled his clients by Lake Zurich.

The Making of a Modern Dream Shaman:

Reading Jung’s Red Book, we see the enormity of the price Jung paid for his wisdom, and come to appreciate the extent of his courage and eventual self-mastery. This is a record of a thoroughly shamanic descent to the Underworld, and of a long test and initiation in houses of darkness from which lesser minds and feebler spirits might never have managed to find their way back.

Out of the shamanic depth of his personal experience, grounded in science and scholarship and the practice of counseling, Jung crafted a depth psychology in which dreams are central.

As dream shaman, Jung knew and insisted that dreams show us what the soul wants in life. He wrote that “All day long I have exciting ideas and thoughts. But I take up in my work only those to which my dreams direct me.” He was perennially willing both to be mobilized by dreams and to accept course correction from them.

– From Dreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss

In this new adventure, melding scholarship with depth experience and shamanic journeying you’ll learn how to:

  • Follow the creative leads and research assignments your dreams set for you.

  • Learn how to develop any image that comes to you as a source of guidance and healing through active imagination.

  • Walk and talk with a sacred guide, as Jung walked with Philemon.

  • Journey through many levels of the House of Your Life.

  • Recognize the play of the archetypes in your life.

  • Read the sign language of the world and navigate by synchronicity.

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Later Event: December 17
Mosswood Hollow Winter Solstice