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Love Your Story, Love Your Life

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Love Your Story, Love Your Life ~ Weekend Healing Retreat
October 27, 6:00pm - October 29, 4:00pm

Our minds love to tell us stories, making up all manner of plot lines in which we are the central character. These stories often have a core theme such as, “it’s better not to get too close to people because sooner or later they will betray you,” or “nothing ever works out for me,” or “my mother always liked my sister best.”

These stories guide our perception and therefore our experience. An empowering story can free up energy for our life and fuel our vision. A disempowering story can rob us of energy, blind us to the good things in our lives, and over time can lead to a sense of dis-ease.

We are all innately self-healing, yet sometimes our stories block us from fully accessing this capacity. But like symptoms of disease, our stories both point the way to what ails us, yet also contain the very resource needed for our transformation. When we are witnessed and understood, we can create a bigger story that gives us access to those resources. As our story changes, we also change.

In this retreat, we will create a supportive community for exploring - and transforming - our stories. We will explore questions like:

  • What am I telling myself that might be holding me back from my healing and evolution?
  • Is this story big enough to hold all of who I am?
  • What is the story I want to be living?

Through sharing in circle, personal healing rituals, and wonderful group meals, we get to explore the stories of our lives in empowering ways. This is an opportunity both to deepen our own healing as well as actively support others in their process.

With Greg Yasuda, ND & Susan Pullen

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