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Illuminating the Soul with Greg Yasuda and Susan Pullen

Our lives are infused with meaning. Successes, failures, challenges and even illnesses can reflect back the meaning and purpose in our lives. In times when life feels chaotic or overwhelming, it can be difficult to discern the hidden wisdom of the moment. 

We can find ourselves running from day to day putting out fires and getting burned out. What if this burnout signals the need for a different kind of fire? What if this is an invitation to rekindle our inner fire? 

This is a weekend retreat for men and women longing to re-infuse their life with vitality and the richness of being alive. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself and others on a deep level. It's a chance to go beyond our usual surface interactions and have real conversations - the kind that can be a spring of renewal in our lives.

By weaving together deep conversation, dream-work, guided meditation, poetry, myth,  and ritual, we can begin to:
~ connect our personal story to the larger story playing out through human beings across time
~ realize we are not alone in our struggles
~ find what illuminates our soul and brings us alive.

This retreat is appropriate for people of all faiths and spiritual practices. More information is on their website:

Facilitated by Greg Yasuda, ND, and Susan Pullen.
Dr. Greg has been practicing naturopathic medicine since 2003 and is an Assistant Professor at Bastyr University. He is passionate about working with people to make sense of their lives and supporting the people's innate capacity to heal.
Susan Pullen is a life coach, energy healer and shamanic practitioner. She works alongside clients in removing blocks such as fear, inner resistance, and perfectionism so they can heal, embody their gifts, and create a meaningful life.

To Register: Contact Susan Pullen at (206) 818-4680 or

After you have registered for the workshop, you can sign up for accommodations and meals:



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