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Intuit and Inspire


A creative spirit retreat in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, led by Kelly Clark and robin e. sandomirsky

- The Experience -

Intuit & Inspire: a full heart, body and soul immersion in accessing the ethereal realms of intuition and translating that inspiration into artistic exploration.  Step into a weekend designed to guide and support you through the process of tapping into your own mystical and essential truths, and transforming them into your unique expression of manifest creativity.

You will be guided by two warrior rebels, both mystic creatives, each with an expansive body of knowledge that will be crystallized into exactly what you need in this one given weekend.  Kelly and robin are both deeply learned with a collective knowing that spans the disciplines from watercolor painting techniques to traversing the unseen world.  They share the language of embodiment and a love of the wildish life that is nothing short of infectious.    

We are alchemists.  We are here to guide you toward your own fullest expression, to aid the search for your innovative vein of gold, to lead you in both meditative exploration and creative freedom.

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Earlier Event: June 25
Later Event: July 11
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