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SoulCollage with Colleen Haggerty

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If you have been enjoying SoulCollage® for yourself, then you understand the power of this process.

You know . . .

  • That each card depicts a certain aspect of the self

  • That you are one person with many parts

  • That this is an empowering tool for self-understanding

  • That the true magic of SoulCollage® happens when we read our cards

Do you feel called to share this experience, this powerful tool with others? The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is for anyone who wants to facilitate SoulCollage® for self-discovery in groups and with individuals. You don’t need any qualifications to take the SoulCollage® Training, but you must have a desire to share this experience and you must complete the prerequisites listed on Colleen’s website:

The primary focus of a SoulCollage® Training is to teach participants to be SoulCollage® Facilitators, so this is not a SoulCollage® retreat or workshop, even though in both settings a participant may experience deep personal process. We expect that you are taking the Training because SoulCollage® has been meaningful to you in your own process, and you are eager to share SoulCollage®. There will be time for making cards.

After completing the Training, participants receive a certificate of completion conferring the right to use the name "SoulCollage®" in the title of their groups or workshops and to call themselves "SoulCollage® Facilitators."